Why Is Elderly Care an Important Service to Consider?

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People tend to have mistaken perceptions of what home care services are. They feel that an older person must be at a point where walking is impossible without help. They think a client must not be able to drive, cook meals, or get out of bed. That’s not always the case. Many seniors who receive home care simply need companionship because they’re alone.

There are several reasons elderly care is so important. If your family has considered it, this may help you understand the ways elderly care benefits entire families.

Millions of Older Americans Have a Disability or Chronic Health Condition

At the last census, there were 40.3 million people aged 65 or older. Around 38 percent of them had at least one disability. It’s estimated that 6 out of 10 adults have one chronic health condition. Older Americans are often in need of some level of care, and they don’t want to have to move to get it.

Taking time off work to provide the care an aging parent needs isn’t always possible. You need income for your rent or mortgage and other household expenses and necessities. You also need to think about retirement savings, your children’s needs (if you have children), and your social life. Becoming your parents’ family caregiver may not be feasible.

Home Care Services Keep Seniors at Home

With home care services, older adults stay in the home they’ve lived in for years or possibly all of their lives. There is no reason to move. Anything that is hard to do independently is done with the help of elderly care aides. Things that they can do on their own are left for them to do when they want.

Companionship Services Are Among the Most Popular Services

Loneliness and isolation can impact physical and mental health. Around 13.8 million older adults live alone. Studies find that those who do live alone or feel lonely often have a higher risk of anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and weakened immunities.

With caregivers stopping by as often as is needed, your parents don’t feel alone. They have company from time to time. They have someone to play games with, take them shopping, or join them on walks.

Companionship is one of the leading reasons people arrange elderly care services at home. If your parents could use someone to talk to or have visit regularly, call an agency to discuss the different elderly care options.


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