What Treatments Are Available for Osteoarthritis?

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When someone has osteoarthritis, they are often in mild to moderate pain. However, some people have more severe pain with this condition, as well. Right now, there isn’t a cure for osteoarthritis. The main goal is to help the patient feel more comfortable if possible. The treatments focus on relieving pain and discomfort. If your elderly loved one has osteoarthritis, keep reading to find out how the range of motion exercises can help them.

Using Passive and Active Range of Motion

It is important that people with osteoarthritis are using both passive and active range of motion exercises. The passive exercises mean someone is helping to support your elderly loved one’s weight. This could be a physical therapist, elder care providers, or yourself. The active exercises are done through your elderly loved one’s own strength.

No Weight-Bearing

When someone has osteoarthritis, it is best if they can do exercises that include range of motion without bearing weight. The best way for your elderly loved one to do this is to do these exercises while in the water.

Weight Loss

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If someone is overweight, this is likely going to aggravate their osteoarthritis symptoms. If this is the case for your elderly loved one, you and their elder care providers should encourage them to do range of motion exercises. While not as immediate, these exercises can help your elderly loved one to lose some weight over time.

Warming the Joints

Another great tip for people who have osteoarthritis is to warm the joints. You or an elder care provider can place a heating pad on your loved one’s joints. This can help to relieve some of their stiffness and pain. Sometimes, cold compresses can help to reduce symptoms, as well.


If natural options aren’t helping your elderly loved one, their doctor might recommend medications. There are different medications that can be used to help manage osteoarthritis. The medications that are generally used are anti-inflammatories and over-the-counter pain medications. Your elderly loved one’s doctor will help find a medication and/or treatment plan that works best.


Does your elderly loved one have this condition? If they have osteoarthritis, it is important to do what you can to help them relieve their pain and discomfort. One of the ways to do this is to ensure they are doing range of motion exercises every day. Their doctor and/or physical therapist can let them know which exercises are best for the severity of their condition.


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