What Issues Around Forgetfulness Should Concern You?

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Sometimes forgetfulness in your senior’s activities is a bigger deal than it might be at other times. Always use context and situational information to help you determine when you might need to look deeper into the memory issue. Any time you’re in doubt at all, talk to her doctor.


It’s one thing to forget an appointment now and again. Almost everyone has done that, especially when they’re busy. But if your elderly family member is forgetting appointments more often than once in a while, this could be a sign that something else is going on. It’s worth looking at some of the other issues she’s experiencing to be sure.


Like appointments, missing one bill here or there isn’t so much a massive issue. But if your elderly family member is not opening her mail at all or big bills are going for months at a time without being paid, there’s something else going on. You may need to talk with her about what is causing this problem so you can help her to find a solution that works, even if that’s you taking over her bill paying for her.


It’s a big concern if your elderly family member suddenly has problems remembering where she is. The biggest problem is if she’s in locations that are normally familiar to her and she suddenly doesn’t know where she is. If your elderly family member is late getting home or to places she said she’d be going, she may have gotten lost on the way.


No one remembers everyone they’ve ever met, but start paying attention to clues that your elderly family member isn’t remembering people that she should know. Neighbors, friends, and other people that your elderly family member has known for years could suddenly be people she refers to by pet names or by no name at all. This can be a hint that she doesn’t remember who that person is.


Your senior might have a couple of stories that she loves to share with other people. But if she’s starting to repeat all sorts of different stories multiple times per day, that could be a sign that there’s more going on. If she’s repeating anecdotes, questions, or anything else, especially in exactly the same way, it’s time to talk to her doctor.

Understanding how these issues can impact your senior’s overall safety is really important. Her doctor can help you both to understand what changes she’s experiencing in cognitive health. It might be a good idea to consider hiring senior care providers, especially if your elderly family member is experiencing forgetfulness about location and important events. Home care services can help your elderly family member to stay safer both at home and when she needs to be away from home.

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