What Household Chores Can Your Mom Have Help With?

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As her mobility changes, your mom has a harder time with housework. She doesn’t want to move in with you, and you don’t have enough free time to help her with the different chores she cannot handle independently. Home Care Ashburn offers a solution to this problem and many more.


Home care providers can wash dishes for your mom. If she has a dishwasher, her caregiver can load it, turn it on, and put the clean dishes away when they’re done. What if she doesn’t have a dishwasher? Her caregiver will wash things by hand, dry them, and put them away.


Once a week or as often as you request, caregivers can dust your mom’s furniture. If she has a duster that’s on an extendable pole, the caregiver can also dust her ceiling fan blades, window and door sills, and light fixtures.


Home Care in Middleburg VA
Home Care in Middleburg VA

Hire caregivers to do the laundry for your mom. She’ll have someone to carry her laundry hamper to the laundry room, sort things, put them in the wash, and move them to the dryer when they’re washed.

Once dried, your mom’s caregiver can fold things and put them away. If items need ironing, that’s also offered with home care services.


Older adults can be more susceptible to foodborne illnesses. Per the CDC, it’s due to the body’s ability to effectively identify and filter germs. Keeping surfaces sanitized is important.

Home care providers can wipe down counters after meal preparation and disinfect hard surfaces like faucet handles, doorknobs, phones, and remotes. Appliance handles are also hard surfaces that need sanitizing.


Your mom’s tile and hardwood floors should be swept at least once a week. She may need them cleaned more often if she has pets. If she can’t do this on her own, a caregiver can sweep the floors for her.

If your mom has a steam mop, her caregiver can run that to sanitize the hard floor surfaces in her home. This keeps her bathroom and kitchen floors from being dirty or germ-covered. It’s especially helpful if your mom has pets that drop food or track cat litter.


Vacuuming is often harder for older adults. Your mom may find it easy to clean her main floor, but carrying the vacuum upstairs to the bedrooms is difficult. If her stairs are carpeted, she may have a hard time balancing a vacuum while cleaning the stairs.

Home care providers can help your mom keep her carpets vacuumed on every level of the home. They can put the vacuum away when they’re done.

Home care can help with these tasks and many of your mom’s other care needs. Call us today to start your mom’s home care journey. You’ll find out what services are available to help her with housekeeping, and what other beneficial services your family is overlooking.

If you or an aging loved one is considering home care in Middleburg, VA or the surrounding areas, please contact the caring staff at Assisting Hands today.