What Can Your Senior Do if She’s Battling Depression?

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Depression is a serious condition and it can do a lot of harm to your aging family member. It’s important to notice the signs of depression quickly, so that you can help your elderly family member to get the help that she needs in order to get her depression treated. Depression in seniors can often appear to be a physical illness, which can cause it to get overlooked.

Take a Closer Look at Diet and Exercise

Typically, when people are experiencing depression, they aren’t exercising or sometimes even moving much and their diet is less than nutritious. If your senior is willing to address these issues, you can help her to put together a menu of nutritionally dense foods that can give her body fuel. This can help her to start to want to move a little more, too. Definitely clear any new exercise she’s doing with her doctor, first.

Get Some Extra Hands-on Help at Home

When someone is depressed, it’s harder to do those everyday tasks that still need to get done. Whether you want to float the idea as a temporary solution or a more permanent one, bringing in elderly care providers can be hugely helpful for your senior. Besides being able to help with all sorts of tasks, elderly care providers make great companions as well. This is important if your elderly family member has been socially isolating herself.

Look for Ways to Maintain Functional Mobility

The big problem that aging adults can run into when they haven’t been active and doing things that they normally do is that they can lose some of their functional mobility. Functional mobility is basically the ability for your senior to continue to do things that she’s always done, like moving around her home safely. If using assistive devices or safety tools, like walkers or grab bars, will help her to regain her functional mobility, put them to work.

Talk to Her Doctor

If she hasn’t already, your elderly family member needs to talk with her doctor about what she’s experiencing and what she’s tried. It may be that depression is a side effect of medications that she takes for other health conditions, or that there are other solutions that her doctor can suggest. Talk therapy may also be an answer.

Your senior doesn’t have to just put up with depression and she shouldn’t try. There are a lot of different methods that she can use to try to manage it effectively.

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