What Can Sunlight Do for Elderly People?

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As a family caregiver, there are many things you can learn about elderly people to help your elderly loved one be healthier. One of the things you should learn more about is how much sunlight can benefit your elderly loved one. Before diving into the benefits of sunlight, make sure you or senior home care providers remind your elderly loved one to use sunscreen before going outside. This can help to protect them from the sun and reduce their risk of skin cancer.

Producing Vitamin D

Does your elderly loved one have osteoarthritis or osteoporosis? Many elderly people have these degenerative bone conditions. Research shows that lower levels of vitamin D often cause increased pain and stiffness in people with these conditions. If your elderly loved one gets outside daily, they can be exposed to the sunlight. This is a natural way for their body to get more vitamin D. Many elderly people will take vitamin D supplements, but those can lead to other health issues.

Enhancing Mood

Senior Home Care in Middleburg VA
Senior Home Care in Middleburg VA

Research also shows that sunlight can help to enhance a person’s mood. Think about the way you feel when you are outside on a nice, warm, and sunny day. You probably feel happier, calmer, or more at peace. This could be exactly what your elderly loved one feels when they get outside in the sunlight, too. The reason that the sunlight boosts mood is because it increases the endorphin and serotonin levels in a person’s brain. These are chemicals that make people feel good. If someone isn’t getting enough of these chemicals, they may feel anxious, sad, or even depressed. If this is how your elderly loved one is feeling, you or senior home care providers should convince them to get outside more.

Relieving Pain

The sunlight can also help to relieve your elderly loved one’s pain. Think about how people feel when they use a heating pad. It helps to lower inflammation and pain. This is the same way someone might feel when they have the heat of the sun on their body. In addition, the vitamin D that comes from the sun can help to ease pain associated with various conditions. Lastly, sun exposures helps to lower stress levels. Many people who are stressed often have increased pain. If you or senior care providers can get your elderly loved one outside more, it could help them to have reduced pain.


How has your elderly loved one been feeling lately? Do they have chronic pain? Are they stressed, tired, sad, depressed, or need more vitamin D? If so, the sunlight can help with all these issues. If your elderly loved one doesn’t really go outside unless they are with someone else, you or senior care providers can go with them.


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