Use These Steps to Help Your Dad Stay Warm and Healthy This Winter

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Woman looking after sick father

Do you have steps in place to ensure your dad is warm and safe during the winter? You live on one side of the country, and he’s on the other side. Other than your phone calls to him, you really don’t know how he’s doing.

Long-distance family caregivers often struggle to know exactly how their parents are, but it’s important to know how to make sure your dad is warm and healthy. Use these steps to ensure he’s doing okay.

Invest in Technology That Allows Video Chats

In-Home Care in Sterling VA
In-Home Care in Sterling VA

A phone call is good but invest in technology that allows you to see him, not just hear him. If he has a computer, video chats are easy to manage. A smartphone, tablet, or smart display works well if he doesn’t.

When you chat over video connections, you can see what your dad looks like and hear his voice. You may be able to see the room around him to see if it’s cluttered or dirty. If he’s losing weight, you’ll see it. If he is sick, you’ll hear it.

Look Into Smart Thermostats

If you have smart thermostats installed in your dad’s home, you’ll know if his heating system isn’t working. You get an alert that the inside of his home has dipped under a specific temperature. You can use that information to find out if your dad’s okay.

Should his heating system have issues, you can call and get a technician to diagnose the problem. You can decide if the repair is needed, if he needs an emergency shipment of heating fuel, or if it’s time to replace his heating system.

Set Up Automatic Deliveries

How is your dad’s home heated? If he’s on heating oil, propane, or kerosene, help your dad arrange automatic deliveries. Instead of tracking his fuel levels, the fuel is delivered automatically on a specific schedule. He shouldn’t run out.

Make sure the company has your contact information to alert you to issues with deliveries or payments. Many companies have monthly payments spread throughout the year. This helps your dad avoid sudden increases in the coldest months that make it hard for him to afford his bills.

Arrange Home Care Services

How can you help your dad when you live on the other side of the country? It’s easily managed when you hire in-Home Care Ashburn. Have caregivers make sure he’s okay and let you know if any issues arise.

With in-home care, caregivers stop by as often as you want to help your dad with meals, transportation, housekeeping, and more. Call an in-home care specialist to learn more.

If you or an aging loved one is considering in-home care in Sterling, VA, please contact the caring staff at Assisting Hands today.