Top Things to Know About a Broken Hip in the Elderly

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Companion Care at Home in Sterling VA
Companion Care at Home in Sterling VA

Unfortunately, over 300,000 seniors suffer a hip fracture every year in the U.S. Some of them slip and fall on ice in the winter. Others might fall in their own house at any time throughout the year. The bathroom is a common place for slip and falls, as well. As a family caregiver, there are some things that you may need to know about broken hips in the elderly.

Treatment for Broken Hip

You might be wondering what will happen if your elderly loved one does break their hip. Unfortunately, many elderly people who have a broken hip do need surgery to fix it. There can be quite a recovery time after the surgery. If your elderly loved one gets surgery for a broken hip, they may need companion care at home services. Since your elderly loved one will need to stay home a rest, they won’t be able to get out and socialize much for a while. The companion elder care providers can spend time with your loved one while they are recovering. They can help out with some tasks that your elderly loved one can’t do, as well.

Types of Broken Hips

There are different types of broken hips. The type is based on where the break happens. The different types include intracapsular fracture, intertrochanteric hip fracture, and femoral neck fracture. Knowing what type of break your elderly loved one has can help you to learn more about that specific type of break.

Help with Recovery

Many elderly people don’t get the help they need in recovery after a broken hip surgery. There are many problems that can occur when a senior citizen doesn’t get the help they need during this type of recovery. Some problems include pulmonary embolism, accelerated dementia, pneumonia, heart failure, and infection. It is very important that you help your elderly loved one with their recovery as much as possible. If you can’t get to your elderly loved one’s home to help them regularly, you can always get elder care providers to do the tasks that are needed. These providers can keep an eye on your elderly loved one’s health during their recovery, as well. If the providers notice any issues, they can get your loved one to the doctor.


Many senior citizens break their hip. Most of the time this type of break happens when the elderly person falls. If your elderly loved one has broken their hip, learning more about the issue can help you to care for them. The information mentioned here today can hopefully give you the basics that are needed to help your elderly loved one during their recovery.

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