Tips for Holiday Shopping for a Parent With Alzheimer’s

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Your mom has Alzheimer’s. You’re with her 24/7, but you need to get some holiday shopping done. You don’t trust her to be alone for a few hours, so you plan to bring your mom with you. What makes a day out go smoothly?

Bring Another Person

Shop with another person so that it’s not just you and your mom. One thing that often happens when you shop with someone with Alzheimer’s is that many unnecessary things end up in the cart. If you have a second person, there’s someone to quickly return items to the shelves or racks when your mom’s back is turned.

Plus, there are two sets of eyes. Your mom may quickly move from one area to the next. Teamwork ensures she always has someone with her. You can use the restroom or go through the checkout without having to run after her if she starts to wander away.

Have Distractions Available

Personal Care at Home in Loudoun VA
Personal Care at Home in Loudoun VA

Your mom may need distractions from time to time. If she’s seeking an escape route, she could be overwhelmed. It’s time to take a break and find somewhere to sit down, have a snack or meal, and let the tension ease.

When your mom is ready to get back to shopping, read her body language. Make sure you’re taking breaks as much as is needed.

Don’t Choose Crowded Times

Crowds may be overwhelming. Avoid shopping during the busiest, most crowded shopping hours. Instead, take your mom out during less busy hours. If there are smaller crowds, the shopping trip may be more successful.

Shop at Hours That She’s Usually the Calmest

People with Alzheimer’s tend to have times of day when they’re calmer. Don’t take your mom shopping outside of these times.

If you know that she becomes very agitated at 4 p.m., make sure she’s home before then. She might do best after breakfast and before lunch. If that’s the case, arrange your plans around those hours.

Let Personal Care at Home Help

Could you leave your mom at home? If there’s the opportunity to go out without her, take advantage of it. Run errands at your pace without constantly having to stop what you’re doing to supervise your mom’s activities.

It’s often best to leave your mom at home with a personal care at home aide while you run errands. Go shopping for the things you need without worrying about where she is or what’s going on back at home. Personal care at home services ensure your mom is never alone when you’re out.

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