Three Ways Senior Care Can Help Your Parents Avoid Scams

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Every day, scammers spend hours trying to catch an unsuspecting victim off guard. They’re looking for victims to give account numbers, personal information, or gift card information. Seniors are one of the victims they target. Senior care is one way you can help your parents avoid being scammed. Here’s why caregivers are an important part of scam prevention and protection.

Help Managing Mail, Visits, and Phone, and Internet

Caregivers are great at organizing daily matters and events. If someone comes to the door, the caregiver can help your parents understand what is a legitimate visit and what could be an unscrupulous sales visit.

Sometimes, “contractors” will show up saying they’re working down the street and noticed an issue with your parents’ house. They offer a low rate if your parents pay a deposit immediately. The money goes to the contractor who disappears.

Phone and email scams are also common. A caregiver can sit with your mom and dad as they answer the phone or open emails. If there’s a scam, the caregiver can stop your parent from answering and help them report it to the proper authorities.

Finally, mail scams aren’t as common, but they happen. If your parents get a postcard saying they need to call a toll-free number to claim their prize, the caregiver can keep them from making that call.

Caregivers Provide Companionship

Caregivers also provide companionship. Sometimes, older adults answer the phone because they are lonely and want to talk to someone. Caregivers can keep them company, which reduces the desire to answer the phone.

With companionship services, your parents have someone to join them on walks. Caregivers can watch movies with them. They can play board games on a rainy or excessively hot day when going outside isn’t safe.

Caregivers Alert You

If a scammer does get through to your parents, the caregiver can advise you. Some scams are very convincing. One of those is the grandparent scam. Callers pose as grandchildren, police officers, lawyers, or doctors and claim the grandchild is in legal trouble or had a medical emergency.

When this type of scam gets through, the details can be convincing. Scammers look up social media posts to find information about the victim to make it realistic. If there is a question, a caregiver can call you while your parent is on the phone with the scammer and verify that everything is okay and reassure your mom or dad that their grandchild is fine.

Call a senior care agency. In addition to help with phone calls and door-to-door sales, caregivers can help with housework, meals, and transportation. Make arrangements today.

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