Seniors Will Need More Support as They Age and That’s Where Home Care Comes In

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Robert had always been a strong, independent individual. He was proud of his family and also proud to take care of them. He and his wife, Shirley, had been married for 52 years. They loved each other and though they had their difficult moments, as every marriage does, they were stronger together than ever. He never imagined he would need somebody else to help him with certain tasks around the house.

Yet, as he moved through his 70s and began dealing with certain health issues, that’s exactly what happened. It was unsettling, unnerving, and disappointing, to say the least. He never thought of himself as a weak, dependent individual, and asking somebody else for help, especially with the most basic or intimate matters of daily life, was difficult for him to accept.

He never contemplated home care options, mostly because he never thought he would need them. When his wife Shirley suffered a major medical emergency not too long ago, he stepped up and provided whatever care she required. He helped her get out of bed, assisted her in getting into and out of the shower, and he was more than happy to devote his time to her.

Now, though, it was his turn.

After a recent hospital stay, Shirley had promised she would do whatever she could to help him, that they would be okay. Yet, he knew she wasn’t nearly as strong as she once was. This was a reality he also had to accept for himself.

Lying in the hospital bed, getting help from nurses to simply get out of bed and go to the bathroom, made him realize just how much strength he had lost over the years. If these stronger, younger, healthier nurses struggled from time to time to assist his larger frame, there was no way his wife is going to be able to handle this situation.

He talked to his doctor about his concerns and that’s when she recommended home care support. “You can have somebody through an agency supporting you when you need it, which may not be necessarily all day long,” his doctor told him.

He discussed these options with his wife.

Before he was discharged from the hospital, Robert talked it over with Shirley and they both agreed that hiring a home care provider from an agency would be the best move they could make. It worked out for the best and though Robert still had a difficult time accepting this new reality in his life, he understood it was the best option for everyone involved.

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