The Best Stroke Prevention Tips For Seniors

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All seniors should be concerned about strokes. Even though the majority of strokes happen to seniors, the majority of seniors who have a stroke can recover. It’s not possible to entirely eliminate the risk of a stroke but there are a lot of things that seniors can do to help lower their risk. And the healthy habits that can lower the risk of a stroke can also make seniors more likely to survive and recover afterwards. Senior Home Care can help your parent make these changes to help reduce their stroke risk. Here are some of the best stroke prevention tips for seniors are:

Switch To A Plant Based Diet

Seniors should be eating a diet that is mostly vegetables and some whole grains. Fruit is also good for seniors as long as it’s not artificially sweetened. But eating a lot of lean protein like fish or poultry and avoiding red meat is strongly recommended for seniors. Meals for seniors should be mostly plants, with some whole grains, and a lean protein. Seniors who follow this kind of diet can dramatically lower their risk of having a stroke because they lower the risk of having an artery clogged by fatty deposits.

Move More

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Diet is only one of the crucial elements in reducing the risk of stroke. The other is exercise. Seniors need to move more. Walking every day is a fantastic simple way for senior to increase their activity. And walking is enough to get seniors moving, improve their circulation, and keep them healthy. While swimming, hiking, bike riding, and other activities are great too even a daily walk of at least 20 minutes is great for stroke prevention. Small lifestyle changes that become daily habits, like taking a walk around the block each day, can mean a big reduction in the risk of having a stroke or a heart attack.

Take A Nap

Getting enough sleep is just as important as getting enough exercise, and many seniors don’t get enough restful sleep. Seniors should be doing everything they can to get more restful sleep at night but a daily nap can also help ensure that seniors get the rest they need. If your senior parent is not getting great sleep at night or if they take medications that interfere with their sleep suggest that they take a nap in the afternoon to help get the rest that they need.

Get Senior Home Care

Senior home care is a great way to make sure that your senior loved one isn’t stressing themselves out or overdoing it physically at home. A senior home care provider can help your senior loved one cook, take care of light housekeeping, do the sweeping and mopping and other chores that can be tough for seniors, and do errands and other work. By taking those burdens off of your senior parent a senior home care provider will help lower your senior parent’s stress and make sure that they are not doing too much physical labor when it comes to taking care of the house.


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