Five Ways to Improve Your Senior’s Quality of Life if She Has COPD

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COPD diagnosis. There could be some things you can both do to help improve that situation for her.

Avoiding Germs Is a Big Deal

Germs do a lot of damage but for the most part, the human body can fight them off. With COPD, your senior’s immune system isn’t always able to tackle the germs before they do their damage. Some in particular can put your senior in the hospital. The biggest defense your senior has is hygiene. Hand washing in particular is vital.

Shots Aren’t Fun, But They Help

Another way to win the battle against germs is for your senior to get some specific vaccinations. Shots to help prevent the flu and pneumonia specifically can be a huge help to your senior. If there are people who spend a lot of time with your senior, it’s also a good idea for them to be vaccinated to avoid bringing those germs to her.

Stress Contributes to COPD Issues

If your senior is under a lot of stress, that has a bigger impact on her health than she realizes. It can be especially difficult for people with COPD. Look for different ways to help to reduce stress for your senior. That might mean bringing in senior care providers to handle tasks that have become difficult or impossible for her to do on her own.

Adjusting Interior Air Quality Makes a Difference

With lung issues, indoor air quality is crucial. What your senior breathes in can be hugely irritating for her lungs. Things that didn’t bother her in the past like pet dander or dust might be a trigger for breathing problems now. It’s urgent to do whatever you can to improve indoor air quality. Some easy ways to do that include using a standalone HEPA filter to clean the air. Also look at using stronger filters on central air conditioning units and vacuum cleaners.

Her Medications Are Definitely Necessary

Sometimes people with COPD feel as if they can use their medications, even inhaled medications, haphazardly. This isn’t really as helpful as your senior might think it is. She’s been prescribed these medications because they should help her to be able to breathe easier. She needs to pay close attention to taking them properly.

Talk to your senior’s doctor about what else you can do to help your senior to manage her COPD. Taking those steps as soon as possible can help your senior to keep breathing as well as possible for a little longer.

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