How to Help Your Loved One the Most Immediately After a Stroke

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Senior Care in Purcellville VA

Whether your loved one has a sudden stroke you weren’t prepared for or she has a stroke after a long period of risk factors, it’s still quite difficult to deal with the aftermath immediately after a stroke strikes. Learning how the stroke affects your loved one and what you can do to help her rehabilitate are the first items on your list.

Learn as Much as You Can about Strokes and Your Loved One’s Current Condition

Many family caregivers don’t know much about strokes and stroke risk until their elderly loved one actually has a stroke. Learn as much as you can about strokes and how they affect your elderly loved one’s current and future health. Talk with her doctor about what the stroke she’s experienced has done to her health and what to expect for her in the future.

Become Acquainted with Your Loved One’s Rehabilitation Plan

Depending on the severity of your loved one’s stroke, she’s likely to have a variety of different options available in her treatment plan. Make sure that you understand what your loved one’s rehabilitation plan includes and how your loved one’s doctor expects that plan to work for your loved one. You may want to meet with the physical therapist, too, and discuss options for future care.

Look into Obtaining Extra Help to Meet Your Loved One’s Needs

Right after your loved one has a stroke, she’s likely going to need quite a bit of extra help, as will you. Talk to other family members about their ability to help where needed. If you still have some gaps, it’s a good idea to think about hiring experienced elder care providers who can help you and your loved one with her bathing, dressing, and other personal care tasks.

Go Easy on Yourself

Dealing with the emotional and physical effort of caring for your loved one after a stroke can take a toll on you. You don’t have to do everything on your own and you need to take breaks occasionally. Try to take it easy on yourself and allow yourself to rest, too.

Taking care of your loved one right after a stroke is a learning period for both of you.

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