Are You Debating Senior Care Arrangements? Take These Situations Into Consideration

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You and your siblings are sitting down with your parents to talk about senior care. While you discuss the pros and cons of senior care options, make sure you consider all the possible situations. Here are questions you need to ask your parents and each other.

What Can Your Parents Reasonably Do Without Help?

Your parents may not need as much care as you think. Sit down and talk about what tasks your parents are able to independently. Ask if any of those would be easier if they had help.

If possible, print out checklists that cover the tasks that qualify as activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living. Go over each one with your parents and have them demonstrate that they can do it. Note anything you see them struggle to do independently. Those are the senior care tasks you want to make sure they have help completing.

How Much Help Are They Comfortable With?

When arranging to help with senior care, your parents may balk at first. Having help may seem like a blow to their independence and frustrate them. Take small steps. Start with senior care services for one of the difficult tasks. When they’re comfortable having help with that, add another item.

If there are times your parents seem upset with your help. Step back and let them try without your assistance. If they struggle, you can get another sibling or family friend to take over. Your parents may be more cooperative if your not the one helping at that minute.

Would They Even Want Your Help?

Caring for a parent may seem best to you, but is it what your parents want? They may dread the idea of you being the person to help them get showered and dressed. They may not want you feeding them if they can no longer manage it. They may prefer professional caregivers helping with some of the more intimate senior care needs.

If You Provide All the Care, Are You Going to Be Overwhelmed?

Don’t take on too much. When you start providing senior care to a parent, you might find it’s harder than you imagined. That’s okay. Things don’t have to go perfectly. You’ll make mistakes. It’s a learning process for everyone. It’s also perfectly acceptable to bring in respite care services to help.

As you settle senior care plans, you’ll want to engage a home care agency. The adviser you talk to can walk you through rates and services that will benefit your parents. Pick up the phone and make a call.

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