Merging Physical Activity and Fall Prevention

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Merging Physical Activity and Fall PreventionPhysical activity and simply moving more can be a huge part of keeping your senior from experiencing a fall. But if she’s never been one to exercise, the idea of starting a new exercise routine can be intimidating, to say the very least.

Talk to Your Senior’s Doctor First

Whenever you’re considering a big change like adding exercise to your senior’s daily routine, her doctor needs to be in on the conversation. Her doctor can help you to determine what types of exercise are the best option for her and how much exercise is right. If exercise isn’t the right option, her doctor can let you know what might be a good replacement.

Find Activities She Enjoys

Once your senior is cleared to exercise, she needs to find some activities that she enjoys. Movement that she enjoys doing and that isn’t painful for her is the best choice because she’ll keep going. Exercise needs to be a regular part of your senior’s life so that she can keep reaping the benefits. Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise to start out with and your senior can build on that as she becomes stronger.

Consider Physical Therapy

Something you might want to consider is physical therapy for your elderly family member. This can be an especially important step if she’s been injured or if she has mobility issues that make movement difficult for her. A physical therapist can offer exercises that are just right for her needs and can make sure that she’s following the movements the right way. Physical therapy can be a stepping stone to help your senior get to the point where exercise is possible and enjoyable.

It Helps to Have Help

Having help from elder care providers both during exercise and as a regular part of mobility assistance can be crucial. Your elderly family member might not feel comfortable moving as much as she should, especially if she’s experienced a fall in the past. With help from elder care providers, she can build her confidence and learn to trust her ability to move again. That can make all the difference for her.

Your senior might not see the results that she wants right away with exercise. She needs to give physical activity some time to become more of a habit and to show her proof of her effort. If she sticks with it, exercise can do so much to help her in multiple ways.

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