Talking to Your Parent About Their Bone and Joint Pain

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Talking to your aging parent about the challenges that they are facing can be difficult. You do not want to embarrass them or to make them feel as though you are trying to take over their lives, but as their family caregiver and their adult child you want them to confront any difficulties that they are experiencing honestly and handle them in a way that is right for them. When it comes to bone and joint pain, your senior may not directly tell you that they are suffering, but you might notice indications such as decreased activity or increased dependence on pain medications. By talking to them about this issue you can help them to reduce their pain and improve their overall health, well-being, and quality of life.

Use these tips to help you talk to your parent about bone and joint pain:

• Be honest with them. Don’t “beat around the bush” or try to “sugarcoat” the issue. Being upfront is important for encouraging them to be honest with you.

• Tell them exactly what you’ve noticed that has made you concerned and why that has concerned you so that they know you are there for them. You may find that they have not even realized the extent to which their pain has affected them.

• Acknowledge that what they are dealing with is real and that they are not being “dramatic”. This can help them to be more willing to talk about it and to seek out care and support.

• Talk to them about the possibility of senior care. Showing them that there is help out there that will enable them to continue living independently and enjoying their lifestyle can boost their mental and emotional health and help them to be more willing to participate in their management approach.

If you have been looking for ways that you can enhance your parent’s quality of life and support better health and well-being throughout their later years, now may be the ideal time for you to consider starting senior care for them. A senior home care services provider can be in the home with your parent on a customized schedule that ensures that no matter how frequently you can be with them or how extensive or mild their needs, they will get exactly the care, support, and assistance that is right for them. The highly personalized services that a care provider can offer to your parent can range from help with housekeeping responsibilities and providing transportation to providing physical assistance and support for mobility challenges and sensitive personal care needs. Companionship and activities can also be invaluable for boosting mental and emotional health and helping your parent to live the most fulfilling lifestyle possible throughout their later years.

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