Is Your Aging Adult’s Neighborhood Conducive to Helping Her Stay at Home?

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Aging in place is far easier when the community around your elderly family member supports her in multiple ways. Here are just a few of the things that you might want to assess when considering whether your aging family member can continue to stay at home.

She Has Access to Resources

Community resources such as easy access to hospitals and senior centers are vital for your aging adult. If she lives in a smaller community that doesn’t have these types of resources available, she may feel their loss significantly. There may be substitutions for those, such as a church group made up of other people her age, but you may need to actively seek these out.

Stores, Pharmacies, and Other Shopping Is Accessible

Whether small or large, some communities have ample access to shopping for normal everyday items, such as grocery stores, bakeries, pharmacies, and other types of corner shops. These different venues offer your senior variety so that she doesn’t have to risk traveling into a larger area in order to get what she needs. By contrast, your elderly family member may be perfectly happy to order much of what she needs and have it delivered to her, which can be an excellent workaround.

Transportation Isn’t an Issue

Many areas have a variety of transportation options that are accessible for the elderly. If your senior lives in the suburbs, however, she may be highly dependent on a vehicle. Driving herself to where she needs to go may not always be the safest answer, which is when hiring senior care providers for transportation can be a lifesaver.

She’s Safe There

Overall, you want to look at how safe the area is, too. Crime levels can change tremendously over time and if your aging family member has lived in the same area for decades, the neighborhood may not be as safe as it once was. You can talk to her local police department about crime statistics for her area to get a more accurate idea of what is going on.

The more helpful your senior’s environment is in keeping her safe and well supported, the easier it will be for her to remain in her own home. You can offset some of these difficulties, but probably not all of them.

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