What’s the Best Way for You to Help Your Loved One with COPD Avoid Triggers?

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COPD can make all the difference when it comes to staying out of the hospital and avoiding lung infections. Although it sounds easier said than done, these tips can help.

Pay Attention to Weather Alerts

So much of how a loved one with COPD feels can be affected by the weather. Make it a habit to pay attention to weather alerts daily. You can even sign up for air quality alerts which can give you detailed information about the quality of the air in your area.

Keep the House Well-ventilated

Using fans, air conditioners, and opening windows can all be helpful for someone with COPD. If your loved one is susceptible to a lot of outdoor triggers, opening windows can make the situation worse, though. Use caution when ventilating and find the setup that works best for your loved one and his lungs.

Use More Natural Cleaning Products

Cleaning products and their fumes can be a huge issue for someone with COPD, but you want the house to be clean. The best alternative is to use natural cleaning products rather than harsher commercial products that have lots of fragrances added. Look for green cleaning tips to get the most out of these cleaners.

Send Smokers Outside

Any amount of smoke is too much for your loved one, but if someone is smoking in the same room, that can be devastating. Make sure that smokers only smoke outside, well away from doors and windows. Ask also that they “air out” before coming back inside since the smoke can cling to them when they return. The best idea is that they avoid smoking altogether before and during a visit with your loved one, but this can be tough for some smokers.

Restrict Scented Personal Products on Visitors

Perfumes, hairsprays, and other scented personal products can be pleasant sometimes, but for someone with COPD, they can make breathing close to impossible. Even if your loved one’s visitors go light on some of these products, it can still be a big deal. Explain why these types of products are a problem and respectfully ask that visitors avoid these products on days they plan to visit with your loved one.

Vacuum Daily

This suggestion might sound like a real pain, but keep in mind that if you’re vacuuming daily, you’re not having to do it as in-depth as you would if you vacuumed less often. Keeping up with daily vacuuming really reduces the amount of dust and other potential triggers that get caught in carpet.

Ask your loved one’s doctor and senior care providers for other tips that can help him avoid triggers.

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