How Can Personal Care at Home Help Your Senior Parent?

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Your dad’s older and has a harder time taking care of himself. He has a cognitive impairment that causes him to forget self-care routines. Personal care at home services are designed to help him.

What is personal care? It’s time to learn more about this service that ensures your dad’s self-care isn’t ignored.

Help With Toileting

Your dad struggles with incontinence due to dementia. He needs someone to remind him to try to go to the bathroom and to help him clean up after he’s used the toilet. If he has an accident, his personal care attendant can help him get into clean, dry clothes.

While this may be something you’re willing to help him with, he refuses to have you help. It’s distressing for him to rely on his children. Ease his stress by arranging a professional caregiver to help with toileting and incontinence care.

Assistance in the Bath or Shower

Personal Care at Home in Leesburg VA

Your dad cannot shower on his own. He often forgets if he’s already washed his hair. Sometimes, he can’t remember taking a shower at all, so he skips it. If you try to remind him and encourage him to shower, he becomes agitated.

It helps to have a trained caregiver help your dad with bathing routines. The caregiver can help your dad in the shower, ensure he’s clean, dry him off, and assist him with skincare routines. Once he’s dried off, personal care at home helps him choose an outfit that’s suitable for the weather.

Help With Hair and Facial Hair Care

Your dad cannot brush and style his hair. If it’s cool out, he doesn’t always dry it properly and goes outside with wet hair and no hat. His caregivers can help him wash, dry, and style his hair.

Your dad doesn’t shave anymore. Every now and then he needs help shaving or trimming his beard. His caregiver can help him trim a beard or mustache to keep facial hair from bothering him or getting into his mouth.

Assistance With Brushing and Flossing Teeth

Your dad no longer is able to brush and floss his teeth on his own. He has a hard time properly holding a toothbrush, even an electric one. He can’t get the floss between his teeth easily. It’s unlikely that he’ll even remember if he has brushed his teeth or not.

Sometimes, you’ll find he starts to brush his teeth but becomes distracted. As soon as the distraction hits, he stops brushing his teeth, so some areas of his mouth never get cleaned properly. Personal care at home can help with oral care.

Personal care aides assist your dad with hygiene tasks. If he has a harder time with skincare, oral care, and other personal care needs, contact an advisor to learn more about home care services designed to help him.

If you or an aging loved one is considering personal care at home in Leesburg, VA or the surrounding areas, please contact the caring staff at Assisting Hands today.