Keeping Your Senior Comfortable During Spring Weather Changes

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May brings nice spring rains, but it also starts getting incredibly hot depending on where you live. Florida is known to have heat waves, and New England can go from 60 degrees to 90 degrees in one week! How are you supposed to keep your elderly loved one comfortable for the next month? The truth is, it can be hard to do, and you may need extra help from home care assistance.

After a long winter, it is vital to get out and enjoy the weather that spring brings, but a senior must do it safely. It’s time to figure out how to get your parents feeling like they can comfortably get up and out of the house. Here are some important things to consider to keep your senior comfortable with changing weather:

Dress Correctly

Home Care Assistance in South Riding VA
Home Care Assistance in South Riding VA

A senior may not check the weather every day, but it can be crucial to know what the weather brings, especially if a senior needs help to change. You will want to help them pick out nice breathable clothes on hot days that also protect their skin. They may need to wear a light sweater on the colder days to keep comfortable. Also, always consider what shoes a senior should be wearing. They may want to wear house shoes on rainy days and running shoes on days they plan to go outside.

Ensure They’re Drinking Water

One of the ways a senior may feel uncomfortable is by overheating or feeling dehydrated and this can be because of the lack of water. Make sure there is something to drink that will quench their thirst nearby. It should always be placed in an easily accessible location.

Get Outside Even When It’s Cloudy

A senior may not enjoy walking in the rain, and that’s okay. But getting outside during the springtime will help them wake up after being stuck inside during winter. Make sure they get outside for a few minutes every day because this may help them feel happier and be more comfortable than being inside.

Let Them Snack On Refreshing Food

Instead of going for hot meals, start eating fresh fruits and salads. These foods are filled with nutrition and may help keep a senior cooler. Snacking on cucumbers and leafy greens is a refreshing snack on a hot day in the spring. This is also when vegetables start becoming fresher and tastier at the grocery store.

Always Watch for Allergies

One of the quickest ways to feel uncomfortable is to let allergies take hold. If you know your senior have allergies during the spring, ensure they have the proper medication to stop the allergies from taking hold.

Home Care Assistance Can Help

Home care assistance is one of the best services you can hire to help ensure your senior remains safe at home. Caregivers can help your elderly loved one age in place and stay independent for much longer than other options. Home care assistance may also help keep a senior comfortable when it gets too hot or brutally cold. They may be precisely what you need to ensure your senior stays safe during these months.

If you or an aging loved one is considering home care assistance in South Riding, VA or the surrounding areas, please contact the caring staff at Assisting Hands today.