Is Your Elderly Loved One Having a Stroke? Watch for These Signs.

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If you take care of your elderly loved one, it would be a good idea to learn about various types of health issues, particularly the ones that are common in the elderly. One of the health issues that you should learn about is a stroke. If your elderly loved one has a stroke, the sooner they get medical attention, the better chance there will be of being saved and treated. Learning about the signs of a stroke can help you to know when to get your elderly loved one emergency medical care.

Paralysis and Speech Issues

If you are with your elderly loved one and they start having speech issues or paralysis, make sure you get them immediate medical attention. Calling 9-1-1 might be the best option. Some of the speech issues that may be present include:

  • Sudden slurring of the words
  • Stuttering
  • Not saying the right words

If you notice any of these things or the paralysis, don’t hesitate to get them treatment. Even if it is not a stroke, these issues are serious and require medical attention. If there is a home care provider with your elderly loved one, they will get emergency help for them if this is happening, too.

Memory Loss

Home Care in Dulles VA
Home Care in Dulles VA

If your elderly loved one is having a stroke, it could cause memory loss. For example, your elderly loved one might forget what is happening that day or even where they are at. Sometimes, senior citizens who are having a stroke don’t even know they are in their own house. If this is happening for your elderly loved one, it is best to get them emergency medical help. It could be a stroke, especially if it happens suddenly.

Vision Problems

There are some vision problems that may be present if your elderly loved one is having a stroke, too. Some of these issues might include:

  • Blurry vision
  • Not being able to see at all (sometimes, only in one eye)
  • Seeing spots or lines

If your elderly loved one suddenly expresses concern about their vision and these are new issues, make sure you get them to the emergency room right away. If they are having a stroke, getting treatment immediately could help to save their life.


These are some of the signs that your elderly loved one may be having a stroke. If you recognize any of these signs, don’t hesitate to get your elderly loved one immediate medical help. If the home care providers are there, they can contact 9-1-1 and get your elderly loved one the help they need, as well.


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