How to Manage Blood Pressure with Daily Practices

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Everyone should have healthy blood pressure. The problem is there are so many things that can cause high blood pressure. The things that people eat, smoking, and many other things can lead to high blood pressure. The good news is there are some daily practices that a person can do to manage their blood pressure. If you are trying to help your elderly loved one lower or maintain their blood pressure, keep reading to find out what these daily practices are.

Eating a Balanced Diet

One of the most important daily practices for managing blood pressure is to eat a balanced diet. From breakfast until dinner and the snacks afterward – everything should be balanced. This doesn’t mean that someone can’t eat a piece of cake or candy every now and again. However, in order to manage blood pressure, it is important that your elderly loved one is eating from all the food groups in a balanced manner. If needed, you or an elder care provider can even sit down with your elderly loved one to make a balanced diet checklist. This can include what foods to buy and what meals to make.

Reducing Salt Intake

Another great way to manage blood pressure is to reduce salt intake. There are far too many people who eat an excessive amount of salt. This is partially because there is salt in so many things. However, you and elder care providers can help your elderly loved one to find foods that are either low in salt or that have no salt in them. Adding a bit of salt to taste might be okay, as long as it is only a pinch.

Getting Routine Exercise

Your elderly loved one needs to be getting routine exercise, as well. Exercise is just one way that people can manage their blood pressure. Even if your elderly loved one doesn’t have high blood pressure, if they get routine exercise, that can help to prevent high blood pressure from happening in the first place. Your elderly loved one’s exercise plan should include strength training, flexibility exercises, and cardio.

Quit Drinking Alcohol

If your elderly loved one is a drinker, they should stop drinking. This can be tough for anyone to do, so you should help your elderly loved one get the support needed to help them quit. If necessary, you or an elder care provider can even be the support person for your elderly loved one.


Are you trying to help your elderly loved one manage their blood pressure? If so, be sure you share these daily practices with them. The more that your elderly loved one sticks to these daily practices, the healthier their blood pressure levels can be.


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