How to Build Trust with Your Aging Adult

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Without trust between you and your aging family member, caregiving becomes that much more difficult. Here are some ideas to help you to build up the layers of trust between the two of you so that you can help her in the ways that she needs the most help.

Avoid Being a Cheerleader Just Because You Think You Should

It’s a normal human reaction to want to be a cheerleader for your aging adult, but that can do more harm than good sometimes. Telling your senior that she’ll definitely beat a certain illness is great in terms of having a positive attitude, but if you’re pushing that narrative without much to back it up, you can actually start to discourage your senior. And this can damage her trust in you.

Keep Goals and Statements Reasonable

When you’re talking about your senior’s health or planning for her future, keep everything rooted in reality. Goals and statements need to be reasonable, otherwise they’re going to ring untrue for both of you. Use the information that you and your senior get from her doctor to make these plans. You may need to revise her goals as her health changes, too.

Focus on What Your Senior Can Do Still

It also helps if you’re focusing on what your senior can still do. When you or she focus too much on what she’s lost or what she’s unable to do now, that’s going to negatively tinge your interactions. It’s much more trustworthy for you to focus on the positive aspects that matter, such as the activities your senior can still manage on a daily basis.

Show Her You’re Willing to Take Care of Yourself, Too

One of the best ways that you can increase your elderly family member’s trust in your ability and willingness to care for her is to take care of yourself as well. When you’re taking care of you, you have more to give to her. Hiring home care providers can help you to take respite time when you need it and get help with other tasks when you need it.

Building trust around caregiving takes time and effort on both your part and on your senior’s part. It’s a process that will feel more successful some days than it will on other days and that’s okay. The ultimate goal is to show your elderly family member that you’re consistently there for her.

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