How to Balance Work and Family Caregiving

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Mother And Daughter

You’re a family caregiver, but you also work from home. Your mom asks for help often. You sit down to make a call, and she comes in to ask if you can get her a snack. Or, you’re in the middle of typing an email when she says she needs help putting on her movie.

It’s impossible to get things done with her constant interruptions. Yet, you don’t want to ignore her as you know she cannot do them independently. These tips can help you balance your needs and hers.

Set Boundaries

Be clear with your mom that she cannot interrupt you when you’re working or engaged in an activity that requires your attention. This won’t always work, but it’s essential to set boundaries if she can follow them. With a health condition like Alzheimer’s disease, these limits will be meaningless.

Make Sure She’s Settled Before You Start

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Don’t start the laundry, vacuuming, or work project without first making sure your mom is settled. Put on her favorite movie, get her a drink, and serve a snack before you get started.

Ask Family Members for Help

Talk to family members about your schedule. If others have free time, they might be able to spell you while you work, run errands, or take care of yourself. Ask your siblings, cousins, and close family friends if they have time to help out.

Suppose you have an important deadline coming up. You’ve been unable to do any work because your mom keeps interrupting you. Your brother could use his day off and take your mom out shopping and to lunch while you focus on work.

Distract Her

Keep things in stock that you know will distract your mom. If she loves to color, you could have a box of coloring books and colored pencils tucked away out of sight. When she keeps interrupting you, get the box out and let her get lost in her favorite activity for a while.

You might consider setting out a snack that will take her time to eat. Skip a quick snack and serve something that takes more time. Instead of a granola bar, serve her celery sticks and hummus.

Hire In-Home Care Services

In-home care offers you the chance to focus on the tasks at hand. While you run errands, work from home, or spend time alone, your mom has a caregiver in her home helping her with daily activities. Call an in-home care expert to make arrangements.

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