How Do You Motivate Your Dad to Exercise Each Day?

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Medical professionals urge that all adults get a minimum of 30 hours of exercise each day, 5 days per week. That exercise needs to get the heart pumping and should vary from one day to the next. For example, your dad might go for a walk one day and work on muscle strengthening the next.

As he ages, your dad may become reluctant to get that exercise. He may feel more pain as arthritis sets in and thinks it’s better to rest sore joints. He may feel less stable due to dizziness experienced when he takes his medication. A prior fall may make him fearful of leaving the house for a walk or performing exercise routines that take some balance.

Invest in a Chair Exercise Program

Look for DVDs and online videos that focus on chair exercises. He’ll work out from a chair. Being seated may be all it takes for your dad to feel comfortable exercising his legs and arms. As he builds muscle strength, he’ll have more confidence.

If you can’t spend the money, don’t worry. YouTube is filled with videos. The other option is to check the schedule at local senior centers. Many senior centers hold weekly chair exercise programs.

Sign Him Up for Water Classes

Exercises in a pool are easier on the joints. If arthritis pain is one of the reasons he gives for not exercising, look for exercise programs like Water Zumba. He works out in a pool where there’s less pressure on his joints. Plus, the warm water is soothing. He’ll be exercising with others in a comfortable, relaxed setting.

Join Him

Your dad may be willing to exercise more if he has someone with him. Spend as much time as you can each week helping him. Join him on walks. Take him to the gym when you go. Set him up with an experienced trainer.

Arrange Caregivers to Help

If you live hours away, this isn’t possible. Caregivers become a great solution. Make sure a caregiver is available to join your dad for walks. Arrange transportation services to have a caregiver drive your dad to and from exercise classes at a local senior center or recreation department that holds weekly classes.

Go to work without worrying about your dad being inactive. Elderly care aides stop by and encourage your dad to go for walks and complete his daily exercise goals. That’s not all caregivers do. They are there for companionship, help with housework and laundry, and transportation. That’s just a start. Call an elderly care agency to learn the full selection of services.

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