How Can You Start Accepting Your Senior’s Situation?

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If your senior’s health has started to change or her prognosis is not looking so great anymore you’re
both probably having some issues coping. Accepting the situation can help with that, but it’s easier said
than done unless you start taking some action.

Find Someone You Can Talk To

When you feel isolated or alone, it’s much more difficult to process what you’re going through. As your
senior’s caregiver, you’re likely dealing with a lot of different emotions, especially if her health situation is difficult or fragile. Having someone you can talk to can make a world of difference for you. Friends and family members are a natural first choice, but you might also want to consider joining a support group for caregivers.

Adjust Your Own Attitude as Much as You Can

It’s difficult to keep your attitude positive when your senior is getting bad news regularly, but you might have to figure out how to do just that. Try to find the silver lining in every situation. That’s not a naturally easy thing for most people to do, but it is possible. Being able to deal with your own emotions more effectively might help a good bit with this.

You Can’t Control Everything

Part of the reason that people have trouble accepting certain things is that they want to control them.
As your senior’s caregiver, you want to control things for her, too. You want her to be healthy, happy,
and safe, and if you could control every aspect of making that happen, you likely would. The problem is
that you can’t control everything and part of coming to acceptance is that you let go of that urge to
control the situation.

Who Else Are You?

You’re more than just a caregiver, right? You’re so many other things, too, and if you’re spending all of
your time caregiving, you’ve probably been neglecting some of those other roles. Taking time away can
help you to deal with difficult situations and it can help you to remember to honor all of those different parts of yourself. Hiring home care providers is a fast and easy way to make sure that someone is with your senior while you take time away for respite.

Your senior’s situation can be a complicated one, but that doesn’t mean that either of you need to let it
bring you down. Accepting what’s happening can allow you both to move on to what you can do
something about.

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