How Can You Help a Senior Who Is a Hoarder?

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Hoarding can very quickly take over your senior’s entire home. Left unchecked, your senior might not be able to walk safely through her home at all. She may also have home maintenance that isn’t able to be completed, especially related to her home’s plumbing and other important features. Helping an aging family member who hoards is not easy, but you need to make the attempt.

Acknowledge There’s an Issue

If you and the rest of your family have been avoiding the topic of hoarding with your senior, it’s time to get past that. You need to be able to talk about what’s happening and what might be contributing to the problem. If you keep trying to just ignore it or talk about something else, you’re not going to be able to make the progress you need to make.

Talk to Your Senior

It’s especially important that you open up an honest and loving dialogue with your senior. Some seniors honestly don’t realize that they’ve started to become hoarders or that the problem has gotten as bad as it currently is. Sitting down with her and talking about what you’re seeing and why the situation isn’t safe for her is a good first step.

Consider Therapy

Many seniors are resistant to dealing with their hoarding issues, especially if they’ve been hoarders for a long time. Your senior might not feel safe talking about what’s really behind her issues with hoarding. If she’s open to working with a counselor who is experienced with hoarding, she might be able to make a bit of headway. Understanding what’s going on can help to deal with the mental health problem she’s experiencing.

Hire Senior Cleaning Services

Senior cleaning services are an excellent solution for a senior who is a hoarder. They can help your elderly family member to clean up her hoarded home and reorganize it so that she can find her belongings. They can also be incredibly helpful after the cleanup. Your senior might need more help than she realizes to maintain her newly cleaned home. With the assistance of cleaning experts, your senior might find her new home less stressful for her.

Hoarding can be very difficult for your senior to overcome. It’s not that she doesn’t want to live in a different situation, but that it’s not something that she’s emotionally able to do just yet. With time, therapy, and some extra help, she may be able to get past her issues with hoarding a lot more readily than you might have thought at first.

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