How Can Senior Care Help Your Parent Remain in Their Home?

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Greta had a problem. Her parents very much preferred to stay in their family home as they aged. They had raised four children in their home, and had many treasured memories in its walls. Like so many other seniors, staying at home boiled down to quality of life for Greta’s parents.

Greta understood and empathized with her parents. She knew it was important to respect their wishes to age in place, but she was growing seriously concerned for their health and safety.

Greta’s mother was physically well, but she had dementia. She was getting quite confused and was having more frequent mood swings.

Her father was mentally sharp – but he was tired. His congestive heart failure limited his energy, and he was legally blind.

Her friend Chuck told her about how he had solved a similar problem. His own parents’ pride and desire for independence had kept them from moving out of their home to a safer setting.

By calling in senior home care services, Chuck’s parents were able to remain in their home and receive the help and support they needed to thrive in their golden years.

Greta thought it was worth a try, but she wasn’t sure if her parents would agree to allow “a stranger” into their home. She talked to her parents about her concerns and listened to them express their point of view. In the end they all agreed to give home care services a try. That week they went down to the home care agency to discuss their needs.

Light Housework and Laundry

The home care aides who came to Greta’s parents’ home provided light housekeeping services. They were always careful to include Greta’s mother, so she didn’t feel anxious about what they were up to.

Since Greta’s mother was involved in cleaning, she actually started feeling better. The exercise helped her burn some extra energy. It also gave her a sense of accomplishment that she had been missing for a long time.

Shopping and Errands

Every week the home care aides took Greta’s parents to the grocery store for shopping. If her father wasn’t up for it, he would stay home and rest while her mother still got to enjoy the outing with the aide.

Occasionally, neither would feel up for going out, so the aide would complete the shopping or errand on their behalf.

The outings were quite enjoyable, now that they weren’t so exhausted all the time. Even better, their eating improved with the easier access to healthy food in the home.

Meal preparation

Not only did Greta’s parents start eating better with more manageable shopping trips, the aides were able to help them prepare simple meals.

Greta was impressed by how much healthier they looked now that they were eating better.


Unexpectedly, the home care aides became wonderful companions. With their warm, professional approach, they never really felt like strangers. Even on the first day, they were surprisingly caring and personable. As time went on the level of trust and comfort only continued to grow stronger.

An Excellent Quality of Life

With home care support, Greta’s parents were enjoying an even higher quality of life than before. They loved the companionship from the aides, and the ability to get out and about more easily. Her father was less fatigued, happier and healthier. He didn’t have to worry so much about his wife’s needs related to dementia, and their relationship seemed sweeter than ever.

The trial was a huge success. Greta was thrilled! Her parents’ wishes had been honored and she felt secure in their safety.


Home Care Services for Seniors: Aging in Place

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