How Can Companion Care Help with Minimalism?

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There are many people who are going for the minimalism lifestyle nowadays. People are showing off their limited lifestyles on shows, social media, and to their friends when they come over. The good news is that many studies have been done to show that minimalism is actually a sustainable lifestyle and it is good for people to live with less and be grateful for what they do have. There are many ways that companion care at home services can help your elderly loved one with minimalism.

Reducing Clutter

You probably already know that constant clutter can lead to a life full of havoc and chaos. If your elderly loved one always has clutter in their house, they probably feel stressed all the time. It might even stress them out to walk into their house after getting groceries. They may be feeling lonely too, especially if they are too embarrassed about the clutter to invite people over. If you and companion care providers work with your elderly loved one on a decluttering plan and help them stick to it, this should lower their stress levels quite a bit.

Making a Plan

Companion Care at Home in Ashburn VA
Companion Care at Home in Ashburn VA

It is also important, when going for a minimalism lifestyle, to make plans and stick to them. For instance, if your elderly loved one has a lot of stuff, they aren’t just going to get through all of it in one day and throw out half of it. They are likely going to need to take things slow. You and the home care providers can take turns going through one section of one room at a time. Then, slowly move to the next section. Once each section has been gone through, that area should be kept up with while going through the other areas.

Focusing on What Matters

Does your elderly loved one have a stack of magazines that they could care less about going through, yet piles of photobooks that they could sift for hours through? If this is the case, let them go in the order they want. Yes, they aren’t going to get rid of their photos. However, if this helps them to realize the less important things are ones that they don’t need, going through the photobooks could actually be more beneficial than it seems. In addition, you must remember it is your elderly loved one’s home and belongings. They need to feel comfortable with what is happening and that all starts with focusing on what matters to them.


These are some of the ways that you and companion care at home services can benefit your elderly loved one when it comes to developing a minimalism lifestyle. Now that you have these tips, you can start making a plan with your elderly loved one on what to go through first. Then, you can put that plan on the calendar and get started on the specified date. If your elderly loved one needs more help going through or getting rid of stuff, you might ask friends or other family members to help, as well.


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