How a Service Dog Can Help Your Senior Loved One

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Have you considered whether or not a service dog can help your senior loved one age in place safely? A service dog won’t replace a home care provider or the loving attention of family members. However, a service dog can provide love and companionship as well as helping your senior loved one with tasks that will make it easier and safer for them to stay in their own home. Some of things that service dogs can do that help seniors are:

  • Remind seniors to take medications by alerting seniors to get up when a special alarm sounds.
  • Help seniors who epileptic.
  • Help seniors remember to turn off the stove or the faucets. Some service dogs can be trained to do household tasks like turn lights on and off, open cupboard doors and drawers, and pick up things from the floor for seniors.
  • Help seniors that hard of hearing know when someone is at the door, a fire alarm is going off, or alert them to other important alarms or noises.
  • Help seniors with low vision get around safely in the house and outside of the house.
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    Provide protection.

  • Keep seniors from being lonely.
  • Keep seniors with Alzheimer’s from leaving the home or wandering. They can also keep seniors safe if they do wander and lead them home.
  • Alert seniors to low blood sugar.
  • Alert seniors to allergies.
  • Comfort seniors who have depression, PTSD, or other emotional conditions.
  • Encourage seniors to get out and walk every day.

If you have been worried about your senior loved one aging in place with only a home care provider because you think they need more support but you can’t be there all the time a service dog can be a great option. Taking care of a dog can be demanding, but service dogs are usually easy to care for and a home care provider or in-home companion would be able to perform the dog care tasks that your senior loved one may not be able to do.

Where To Find Service Dogs For Seniors

All service dogs go through years of training to be able to perform special tasks. If you are interested in finding out if your senior qualifies for a service dog or if there is a service dog program in your area that can connect your senior loved one with a dog that has been trained to help seniors the best place to start is by calling your local chapter of the ASCPA. They will be able to connect you with any senior service animal organizations in your local area or tell you how to find organizations that train dogs for seniors. You may need to put your senior’s name on a waitlist depending on the demand for service dogs but the wait will be worth it. Service dogs and seniors are great together.


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