What Can You Do if You Live Far Away and Your Aging Adult Was Just Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease?

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Being a caregiver for an elderly family member who has Alzheimer’s disease is difficult enough when you’re right there with her. Living far away from her can create additional problems. Long distance caregiving is still completely feasible, but it may take a little bit of extra planning on your part.

Learn as Much as You Can

Your best friend right now is going to be learning as much as you can about Alzheimer’s disease in general and your elderly family member’s health in particular. Contact her doctor to get the specifics of her condition. Many caregivers find that joining a support group is also extremely helpful. The more information you can gather, the better off you’ll be.

Find Local Resources

Your elderly family member can also benefit from local resources, but she might not have the ability to find them for herself. Do what you can remotely to find local sources of information and support for your elderly family member. Talk to her doctor about potential resources and then move on to agencies that help senior citizens in your aging family member’s area.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Set up a system for how often you and your aging adult will talk about her health and check in with each other. This might be a daily event or you might need to touch base less frequently. Find a balance that works for both of you without causing your aging family member to feel as if you don’t trust her to care for herself just yet.

Determine Your Senior’s Current and Future Care Needs

Your aging adult may still be able to care for herself quite well now, but the future can be a different story. This can also change rapidly depending on your aging family member’s health. Take a good look at what your elderly family member needs now and what she might need in the future. Hiring home care providers now can help you to have eyes on the situation right away.

Every day is going to bring new challenges for both you and your elderly family member. Approach the situation with a calm and steady demeanor and tackle each issue one at a time.

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