Can Mom Still Travel, Even Though She’s Going Through Recovery?

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Homecare in South Riding VA: Can Mom Still Travel, Even Though She’s Going Through Recovery?
Homecare in South Riding VA: Can Mom Still Travel, Even Though She’s Going Through Recovery?

It’s been a few months since your mother was in the hospital. Since she passed that 30 day mark (beyond her discharge from the hospital), she is no longer at risk of a technical hospital readmission, but that doesn’t mean she’s ‘out of the woods.’

She’s still going through recovery. However, with spring finally here and summer just around the corner, it may be time to think about traveling, especially if she wants to visit with family, wants to head to her favorite vacation destination this summer, or have some desire to get away from the home, at least for a little while.

Can she travel, even though she is still technically working through her recovery?

Yes, but it’s important for her to stay on task. She needs to continue following doctor’s instructions, exercising (if that’s what he or she prescribed) taking the medications she has been prescribed, and staying active. If she has been directed to rest, she needs to remember that as well.

Perhaps your mother was recently discharged from the hospital following pneumonia and there is a wedding in the family coming up. Can she travel for that? That may be something she needs to seriously reconsider. When it comes to pneumonia, rest is absolutely essential. If she doesn’t take care of herself properly and the virus or bacteria hasn’t completely left her body, it can come back even stronger than before, leading to a potentially life-threatening situation.

Safety risks will increase.

When your mother leaves the comfort of her home, she will be exposed to more safety hazards. If she is going to stay in a hotel, make sure she gets a handicapped accessible room. She may not need a walker or cane, but in the shower, around the toilet, and in other areas of these handicapped accessible rooms there will be grab bars that can make it easier for her to take care of her personal needs.

Consult her doctor.

Before your mother actually leaves on a trip she should be encouraged to consult with her doctor. Find out what he or she has to say about this potential trip. While she doesn’t have to heed her doctor’s advice, if he or she advises her to stay where she is, at least for another few weeks, she should seriously consider that.

Make sure she has proper support.

Wherever she plans to travel it may be beneficial to rely on a home care aide. She may be working with an aide right now and that caregiver can certainly travel with her, as long as she or your family pays for her expenses, or your mother can hire somebody at her destination.

Traveling while going through recovery is possible in many situations, but it requires more thoughtful consideration and careful planning.

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