What Kind of Planning Do You Need to Do for a Senior Who Has Incontinence Issues?

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You might have heard that managing incontinence for your aging adult is easier if you plan ahead a little bit. But what kind of planning do you need to be doing?

Prepare Changes of Clothing

One of the bigger problems with incontinence accidents is that they may necessitate a full change of clothing for your elderly family member. Prepare some changes of clothing that you can keep in a bag for the times that you and your aging adult are away from home. You’ll want to include underwear as well as shirts, pants, and other clothing items.

Put Together a Pack of Products that Can Help

If you’ve got a zippered plastic bag full of products that can help in an accident situation, it’s much easier to clean up and to get everyone happier again. In a gallon-sized zippered plastic bag, make sure you have plenty of incontinence pads, wipes, gloves, and skin care products that your elderly family member uses. Be sure to replenish this pack when you use items.

Develop a System for Soiled Clothing

If you’ve got a designated spot for soiled clothing, it’s much easier to keep going while you’re cleaning up after an incident. You don’t need to do anything complicated, either. Store a few plastic bags left over from the grocery store. They’re compact and they can hold quite a bit. Tie the handles together when the bag is full and you’ve got a self-contained area for soiled clothing.

Signs Can Help in Public Restrooms

Some places that you go may only have one stall with a locking outer door or you might be helping an elderly family member that is the opposite gender of your own. In those situations, you might need to be in the restroom for a long time or you might be in a seemingly “wrong” bathroom. Signs that you can attach to the door can help. Keep them simple, such as “Caring for elderly adult.” Signs can help to eliminate confusion while you’re busy.

Keep More than One Bag Packed

It’s a really good idea to have more than one duffel or overnight bag packed with the items you might need. You might get busy and forget to stock one bag, but you’ll at least still have a second bag that you can grab because it’s ready to go. Just don’t leave yourself without any bags that are prepped.

If you’re still feeling nervous about what to pack and how to plan for your aging adult in this situation, consider hiring home care providers. They can help you to figure out what will work best for your senior.

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