Four Tips for Dry Eyes

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If your senior is experiencing dry eyes more frequently, there may be some simple solutions that make a big difference for her. Dry eyes are uncomfortable at best and seriously painful at worst. They can also create bigger vision problems for your elderly family member if left untreated.

Make Appointments with Her Doctor and Her Eye Doctor

Your senior might have two paths for treating this situation. It might help to talk to her doctor about what is going on. This is a good first option because there may be medications or health issues related to this problem that her primary care physician can shed some light on for you. The next step is to talk with your senior’s eye doctor. Her eye doctor can rule out other problems related to eye problems and general eye health. There may be a simple solution, like eye drops, or there may be more solutions needed.

Hydration Is an Easy Fix

One answer to try might be to see how much water your elderly family member is getting each day. Proper hydration affects literally every part of your senior’s body, including her eyes. If she’s not already getting enough water from foods and from beverages, it might be a good idea to try to convince her to start out slowly by drinking at least one extra 8-ounce glass of water a day. From there you can gradually increase the amount.

Sometimes a Humidifier Makes a Difference

You may also want to check the humidity levels in your senior’s home. If the air she’s in most often is too dry, that’s going to dry out her skin and her eyes, too. Using a humidifier is an easy answer, but you don’t have to go out and buy one. Leaving out a pan of water in the room she’s in most often can sometimes be enough to bump up the humidity levels a little bit.

Make Sure Her Eyes Are Protected

Your senior’s eyes can get damaged by so many different things. It’s a good idea for her to wear sunglasses that protect her eyes from broad spectrum UV rays. These should be labeled when you go to buy them. A wide-brimmed hat can also help to shield her eyes, especially if she doesn’t like wearing sunglasses. There may be some other ways that you can make sure her eyes are protected, so talk to her eye doctor.

Dry eyes can keep your senior from doing her normal activities. Home care providers can help her to handle daily tasks like cooking and housekeeping, even after her eyes are feeling more comfortable.

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