What Can You Do if Your Senior Refuses to Stop Driving?

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An elderly family member who continues to drive could be putting herself and other drivers in serious danger. This might mean that you have to take some additional steps to keep her safe.

Try Logic First

You might feel as if logic has already failed, but give it another chance. Bring to the conversation some other options for your senior, such as having home care providers available for transportation and family members who are willing to take over driving. Having solutions on hand can go a long way toward helping your senior get on board with the idea of giving up driving.

Hide the Keys or the Car

Should logic fail, however, you may need to get sneaky with either the car keys or the car itself. Making either of these items unavailable for your aging adult can keep her from driving when she really shouldn’t be. Brace yourself for some potential backlash, however.

Disable the Car

Hiding the car or the keys isn’t an option for everyone or it can feel a little too terrible. If that’s the case for you, disabling the car might be a solution. You can remove the gas from the gas tank to easily disable the car or you can ask your mechanic about other ways to disable the car safely.

Sell the Car to Someone Else

Some aging adults might continue to feel defensive about driving knowing that the car is right there, but still out of reach to them. In that case, it might be better to sell the car. It can also be a good idea to sell the car if it will save money for your senior. Insurance costs, registration fees, and other monetary outlays may be too much for your aging adult’s budget.

Go through More Official Channels

At some point, you may need to go through some more official channels to keep your aging adult from driving. Start with your senior’s doctor and see if a “prescription” to stop driving helps. Depending on the laws in your area, you or the doctor may be able to call the Department of Motor Vehicles and request a driving test.

Ultimately your senior’s safety is the most important factor. While some of the more involved options might feel painful, engaging those lovingly may be what you need to do.

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