What Kinds of Activities Can You and Your Elderly Loved One Do for Fun?

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As your loved one ages and her health changes, activities that she used to enjoy may no longer be as easy to engage in. It helps to have a list of other types of activities you can engage in together to have a good time.

Puzzles and Games

If your loved one enjoys puzzles and games, or if she’s not as mobile as she’d like to be, then card games and board games can be a lot of fun. You might even want to consider starting a family game afternoon or evening. This is a great way to start conversations with your loved one and to catch up with what is going on with her.

Go to the Park

Going to the park is an excellent activity to share with your elderly loved one. First of all, it gets you both outside. Depending on the size of the park, you may be able to work in a walk, too. If your city or county allows you to feed waterfowl and squirrels, bring along appropriate foods. Bread isn’t a healthy diet for these types of animals, so instead bring foods such as vegetables that are past their prime.

Go to the Library or a Museum

Libraries and museums can be a wonderful way to spend an afternoon or even just an hour or two. You and your loved one can sit and enjoy your surroundings. It’s also important to note that these locations also often offer lectures and classes in a variety of activities that can be a lot of fun for you and your loved one to participate in.

Invite Neighbors Over

For a loved one who can’t get out and about as well as she would like, a fun idea might be to start inviting neighbors over for tea and snacks. You and your loved one can meet new people in the neighborhood or start to get to know acquaintances a little bit better. Expanding your loved one’s social circle can help her to feel more involved in her neighborhood.

These same ideas can work whether your loved one is spending time with other family members or you’ve hired home care providers for companionship.

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