How Can You Improve Air Quality at Home for a Senior with COPD?

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Air quality at home is something that you can control to an extent. This is important if your senior has COPD or other lung issues.

Lower Humidity Levels in the Home

Humidity can make it difficult for your elderly family member to breathe, but it can also create an atmosphere that is perfect for mold, mildew, and bacteria to grow. These can all lead to lung infections and that’s the last thing you want for your senior if she has COPD. Invest in a humidity monitor and a dehumidifier to help you keep humidity levels within optimal ranges.

Reduce Smoke Exposure

Exposure to smoke or other airborne pollutants can seriously aggravate COPD symptoms. If anyone that your senior know smokes, ask them to refrain when they’re around your senior. Ideally, they should also “air out” before coming to visit and use an “air purifier to eliminate these pollutants“.

Reduce Exposure to Chemicals

Chemicals are another type of pollutant that can be irritating to COPD sufferers. You might think of these in terms of car exhaust or paint fumes, but there’s more to be concerned about. Household cleaning products contain some chemicals that can be irritating. Something as simple as an air freshener can make breathing difficult. Reduce use of chemicals as much as you can and when you clean, make sure that there’s plenty of ventilation.

Reduce Pet Dander

Pets bring so much into your elderly family member’s life, but they can also bring dander and bits of fur that might be too much. If pet dander is particularly irritating for your senior’s lungs, she might need to avoid them. Other options can include bathing and brushing the pet frequently and vacuuming often to keep up with dander and fur deposits.

Eliminate Dust as Much as Possible

Dust is something that every home has to battle, no matter how clean it is. Use a dusting device that actually captures the dust particles rather than spreading them around for best results. Dusting before you vacuum ensures that you can vacuum up the dust that you don’t capture on your duster. If you can eliminate some clutter, that makes dusting a lot easier to do on a regular basis.

You don’t have to make all of these changes at once. Even small improvements over time can really help a lot. Consider hiring home care providers who can help you to stay on top of light housekeeping tasks as well as other issues that contribute to improving air quality.

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