Key Ways to Form a Strong Bond With Your Mom’s Home Care Professional

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You finally have convinced your mom that she needs home care services. Now that the decision is made, you’re worried that you won’t bond with your mom’s caregiver. Clearly, she’ll need the strongest bond, but you need to form a partnership with this other person. Here are the best ways to bond with your mom’s new caregiver.

Hang Around for the First Few Days

For a few days, you may want to hang around your mom’s house. Some caregivers prefer another family member be available while your mom is getting accustomed to the change in routine.

Key Ways to Form a Strong Bond With Your Mom’s Home Care Professional

You don’t have to get in the way or prevent the caregiver from providing care. You can be there to answer questions, show the caregiver around, and reassure your mom that the caregiver is there to help her maintain her independence.

Ask Questions and Be Ready to Answer Them

You’ve been providing care one way, and the caregiver may have different methods. Those methods aren’t necessarily wrong. Ask questions of the caregiver to see why something is done a specific way. It may be a quicker, more effective way that you can incorporate.

The caregiver may have plenty of questions, too. It can be difficult starting out if you don’t know where pots and pans are kept or how to set up the television and streaming or cable box.

Remember the Caregiver is an Advocate Not an Opponent

Remember that you’ve hired this caregiver to be an advocate for your family. The caregiver is not there to replace you or make you look bad. The caregiver isn’t there to take over. If your mom shows more compassion with the caregiver than she does with you, try not to take it personally. Be happy that she’s adjusting so well.

Address Issues With Kindness Not Anger

There may be issues that arise. The caregiver arrives late and has no reason. It makes you late for work. Maybe you find that the caregiver got upset by your mom’s behavior and yelled at her. Your mom may make something up.

When things like that happen, don’t react in an explosive manner. Calmly investigate the situation. Use kindness and explain why things cannot continue in that manner. You may need to work on your mom’s attitude or look into a caregiver who meshes with your mom’s personality better.

Take time to get answers to your questions about caregiving. The home care agency you select can walk you through the process. Call a home care agency to get started.

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