Helping Your Parent Make the Right Care Decisions about Their Congestive Heart Failure

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Home Care in Fairfax VA

Home Care in Fairfax VAThroughout the United States there are approximately 5.7 million adults who are suffering from congestive heart failure. This condition leads to the death of half of those who receive this diagnosis within 5 years of them receiving the diagnosis. If your aging parent has recently received such a diagnosis, it is important that you help them to make care and treatment decisions that are right for them and their needs. By empowering them to make these decisions confidently and effectively, you help them to maintain better mental and emotional health, strengthen your relationship, and help them to live a lifestyle that is healthier, stronger, and better tailored to managing their condition as they age in place.

Use these tips to help your aging parent make the right care decisions about their congestive heart failure:

• Make sure they understand their options. Hearing that they have congestive heart failure can be upsetting for your parent. Listening to the doctor describe all of the available treatment options can be even more overwhelming. Take the time to make sure that your parent actually understands these treatment options so that they can be sure they are making the decision that is right for them.

• Be patient with them. Do not make your parent feel rushed when it comes to them making their care decisions about their congestive heart failure. While they should not take too much time because getting started on their care routine as soon as possible is important to those efforts being as effective as they can be, rushing them will only make them feel pressured and further overwhelmed. Give them time and space to evaluate their options and make the right decision for their needs and goals.

• Give them your thoughts if they ask. As their family caregiver you want what is best for your parent and you may be tempted to tell them all of your thoughts and opinions about their care. Resist this urge. Remember that this is their life and that your care is about them, not about how you feel their care should go. Allow them to work through their thoughts and if they ask you about how you are feeling or your opinions, offer them openly. Be willing to tell them what you think is best for them if they want to know, but do not attempt to pressure or sway them, and be ready to accept it if they choose another option.

If your aging parent has recently received a diagnosis of congestive heart failure and you are working together to create a course of care and management that you will carry through throughout the rest of their life, now is the ideal time for you to consider senior care. Having a senior home care services provider in the home with your aging loved one allows them to live a lifestyle that is healthy, strong, safe, and comfortable, while also encouraging them to stay as active, independent, and autonomous as possible as they age in place. This means coming up with a personalized approach of care that addresses their individual needs and challenges in a way that respects their individuality for a lifestyle that is happy and fulfilling.

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