Why Aren’t Other Family Members Interested in Family Meetings?

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Family meetings can be a vital part of your caregiving strategy. They help to ensure that all family members are on the same page and they can help you to brainstorm solutions when you’re stumped. But not all family members are on board with group meetings.

They Live Far Away

When your other family members are spread all across the country, it can be difficult to get them to agree to the same time for a meeting. Even with the wonders of video conferencing, time zones can be an inconvenient problem. One way around this is to prepare both an agenda that you send out to everyone before the meeting and then notes about the meeting that you send out afterward. That way everyone has the same information.

They’re Really, Really Busy

Many family members are busy with their own lives and careers, which makes complete sense. As such, though, they may not feel as if they have the time to attend a family meeting, even if it’s a necessary one. As with family members who live far away, an agenda and follow-up notes can really help to bridge this divide. These can even help some family members realize that they want to be more involved in these meetings in the future.

They Don’t Understand the Necessity

Still other family members may not see why it’s important for them to know what’s going on with your elderly family member. While you see it as a courtesy to keep them informed, they’re confused about why you’re involving them. Keeping meetings short and to the point may help quite a bit. It can also help immensely to let them know that you’re trying to ensure that everyone who cares about your senior has information about how she’s doing.

They Think You Can Handle it All

A few of your family members may feel as if you’re fully equipped to handle all of this on your own. This is a compliment, to be sure, but it does leave you feeling more alone than you have to be as a family caregiver. Stress to your family members that you really do value their input and that you’re genuinely seeking their input.

Make sure that you’re able to devote your full attention to family meetings once you pin everyone down. Home care providers can help your elderly family member while you handle the meeting itself.

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