October is Adopt a Dog Month

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Home Care in Dulles VA

Home Care in Dulles VAIf you are a caregiver for a loved one who lives at home, chances are you have observed them feeling lonely from time to time, especially if you don’t live close by. For elderly adults who live at home alone, feelings of isolation and loneliness can sometimes be overwhelming and lead to stress, anxiety, and even depression. Many times, pet ownership can help elderly adults to cope with these feelings and feel less lonely. Pets can be great companions for elderly adults and they can bring joy to their lives. October is Adopt a Dog Month, an observance that aims to encourage people to adopt dogs from shelters and rescues who are in need of a home. During Adopt a Dog Month many shelters may even offer lower adoption fees and have special programs that can match elderly adults with the perfect canine companion. If adopting a dog is something your loved one has been thinking about, consider these benefits of dog ownership:


If your loved one struggles with loneliness, sometimes a loving dog is the perfect companion. With a dog, your loved one may feel less isolated and alone and they will enjoy interacting with their pet by playing with them, feeding them, petting them, and even talking to them.


If your loved one enjoys walking, a dog can be a great walking buddy. In addition, a dog’s need to walk will help encourage your loved one to walk and stay active everyday which is great for their health. Going out for walks with a dog is also a great way for your loved one to meet other dog owners and have friendly conversation with neighbors.

Self-esteem and Happiness

Owning a dog can help your loved one to feel happier which can greatly improve their quality of life. Caring for a dog can also give them a self-esteem boost as they will feel more needed and have a renewed sense of purpose. A friendly dog can bring so much joy into a household just by being loving, affectionate, loyal, and comforting.

Less Boredom

Dogs can also bring fun and excitement into the home. Your loved one may find that they are less bored when caring for a dog as they will spend time walking, playing with, and grooming him/her. Your loved one may also enjoy taking the dog on outings and to the dog park.

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