How Do You Know If It’s Time for Home Care Assistance?

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Woman looking after sick father

Your dad’s getting older. As much as you want to respect his need to live alone, you wonder if he’s okay on his own. What are the signs that it’s time for your dad to have help from home care assistance?

His Health Is Changing

Your dad’s health is changing. He’s taking multiple pills each day, and you suspect he forgets to take some of them from time to time. If he’s on medications for blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic health conditions, he cannot forget a dose. He needs someone to remind him and make sure he takes them.

He might have a special diet to follow. He’s supposed to exercise each day. You’re not sure he’s doing that. Home care assistance can help him take care of himself and give you peace of mind.

He Struggles With Housework

How well does your dad do with routine household chores? Does he have a hard time vacuuming his carpets and stairs? Does he keep up with dishes or do they stack up until someone visits?

Can he do his laundry or does he struggle on stairs? How about mopping, sweeping, and dusting? Does he change and launder his sheets regularly? If he can’t do these routine chores, it’s time to get someone to help him.

He Doesn’t Go For Walks Alone

Home Care Assistance in Loudoun VA

Your dad is supposed to get exercise each day due to arthritis, but he won’t walk by himself. He doesn’t leave his home unless you stop by to take him for a walk. You can’t always fit it in, so his joints stiffen up and it affects his mobility.

A caregiver could join him for a daily walk and make sure he goes far enough. The caregiver could also take him to local parks for scenic walks each week.

He Fell in the Bathroom

Your dad was coming out of the tub and slipped. He fell and hit his head on the toilet. Since that fall, he’s been scared to take a shower when he’s alone. A caregiver can help him as he steps over the side of the tub.

He No Longer Drives

Your dad cannot drive anymore. His doctor told him to stop after his vision changed or because his arthritis pain makes it impossible for him to turn far enough to check his blind spots.

If you’re finding yourself constantly having to spend your lunch breaks taking him to appointments, bringing him shopping, or running errands with him, it’s time to talk about the many benefits of home care assistance.

You’re Burned Out

Do you help your dad throughout the week? If so, how are you feeling? Do you often feel stressed and overwhelmed? It’s time to look at arranging home care assistance for yourself.

Specifically, look into respite care services. Find out how often you can have a paid caregiver come to your dad’s home and help him while you go out with friends, take a day off, or sleep in late. Call a home care advisor to learn more.

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