Helping Your Senior to Deal with Late Summer Heat

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Late in the summer is a fantastic time of year, but it’s often really hot still. That means that your senior still needs to be aware of the temperature and how to keep coping.

Fans Can Help Move Air Around

Even if your elderly family member has air conditioning in her home, fans help to move air around. When the air is moving more, the air conditioning works a little bit better, too. Without air conditioning at all, fans may be the only way your senior is getting some air circulation. Ceiling fans, floor fans, and oscillating fans can all be very helpful.

Save Bigger Activities for Morning or Evening

The hottest part of the day is typically from mid-morning to late afternoon. If you can avoid heavy amounts of activity during these hottest times of the day, that can be for the better. Instead, schedule your senior’s more active events in the morning or in the evening. Those are likely to be much cooler and therefore more comfortable.

Try Other Cooking Options than the Oven

Firing up the oven is still not a good idea at all. Baking is something that your senior can do either early in the day or later in the evening, if she feels that she has to do it. There are plenty of other ways to cook if your elderly family member isn’t interested in cooler foods. Relying on things like air fryers, pressure cookers, and slow cookers help to keep the temperature down while still offering hearty foods.

Double Check Window Coverings

Window coverings are more important in the summer than probably any other time of year. Your senior may want plenty of light, but in the hottest parts of the year, that light comes with a lot of heat, too. Choose window coverings that help to block the heat and make sure that you’re keeping window coverings closed when direct sun is hitting that side of the house.

Hydration Is Very Important

Drinking plenty of water is always important, but it’s especially important during the hottest parts of the year. Work out a system that helps your elderly family member to drink plenty of water. Make sure that you talk with her doctor about how much water is right for her and aim to hit that goal as often as possible.

It’s tough to want to protect your senior from all sorts of situations as her caregiver, including uncomfortable weather, and feeling as if not a lot is under your control.

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