Help Your Mom Manage Arthritis Flare-Ups During Arthritis Awareness Month

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In the U.S., 25% of adults have arthritis. Of those people, one in four experience severe pain. Around 10% of adults with arthritis admit that it limits their mobility and activities. May is Arthritis Awareness Month and a great time to address your mom’s increasing arthritis pain.

With more than 100 types of arthritis, it’s not surprising that your mom has it. But, you’re worried about her worsening mobility. When the pain flares up, she limits her activities, which is helping her gain weight and struggle with ambulation. What can you do to help her? Consider these tips as well as how senior home care can play a role.

She Needs Plenty of Exercise

It seems contradictory, but exercise is key to helping with arthritis pain. Being overweight puts extra strain on the joints. In addition, exercise helps the joints stay limber. This will ease pain and boost flexibility and stability.

Ask her doctor if she has any limitations. As long as she’s able to get plenty of exercise and doesn’t have restrictions keeping her from getting outside, you should encourage her to be active.

Home Care Assistance in Sterling VA
Home Care Assistance in Sterling VA

Stop by and walk with her. Walking helps with joint health and is one of the best ways to ease arthritis pain. Take her to Tai Chi and Yoga classes if there’s time. If not, find some beginner videos for her to follow along at home when someone is there to cheer her on.

If her pain is extreme, she doesn’t have to give up all hope of exercising. Sign her up for water aerobics classes and swimming. The buoyancy she experiences in water helps take some of the pressure off her joints, making it easier to exercise.

Make Sure She’s Eating Well

Some foods aren’t helpful when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight and lowering the risk of inflammation. If your mom doesn’t do a lot of cooking, she may be relying on canned soups and frozen dinners that contain saturated fat, excess sodium, and added sugar. Those are not the best options.

She needs to switch her diet to one that focuses on fresh vegetables, antioxidant-rich fruits, and whole grains. Lean protein and low-fat dairy are also important. If she cannot cook or read labels when she shops for groceries, hire senior home care to help her.

Help Her Become More Confident As She Ages

Your mom could use a confidence boost as she ages. When her arthritis pain flares up, make sure she knows she has your support.

What if you don’t live nearby? Senior home care is there to help. A care provider can ensure your senior takes her medication when she’s supposed to, gets plenty of exercise, and eats well to reduce arthritis flare-ups. Having senior home care visit your parent on a regular basis can ensure their safety and offer you peace of mind.

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