Four Ways to Have a Moment to Yourself

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As a caregiver you probably feel as if every single minute is already earmarked for a task, a chore, or something for someone else. When do you get time that is just for you? If you’re not consciously taking time for yourself, it’s all too easy to find yourself facing too much stress and feeling like you have no way out.

Use Timers Throughout the Day

Timers can be a little bit annoying, but they can also be your friend as a busy caregiver. Set a few timers throughout the day to give yourself a break that lasts at least a few minutes. Use that time to do something besides caregiving, even if it isn’t anything big or earth-shattering. Even going to another room and taking some deep, soothing breaths can be incredibly helpful.

Start Your Day with a Relaxing Routine

Start your day with a few minutes of something that has meaning for you and that you enjoy. For some people that might be praying or reading spiritual literature. You might try meditating or going through some simple stretches. You could also start keeping a gratitude list that you add to every day. Whatever it is, it helps if you find it to be meaningful.

Time Your Activities with Your Senior’s

How does your senior’s average day line up? Odds are very good that there are some regular activities that you can take advantage of, if you’re paying attention. You could spend the time your senior is occupied doing things that need to be done, or you could take a few minutes just for you. The time spent on you is much more worthwhile than handling a chore.

What Helps You Relax?

Start keeping a list of what you enjoy when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed. There might be a few more activities than you realized, like reading a favorite book or listening to a podcast you enjoy. Try to figure out if there are other activities you can add to the list. When you have a minute and don’t know what to do, check over your list.

You really do need to set aside even a few minutes every day just for yourself. If you’re not doing that, being a caregiver is just going to become more and more difficult. Figure out what helps you to recharge and then include more of those activities into your daily routines.

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