Four Ways Home Care Assistance Services Help Your Senior Parents

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Senior sick woman taking pills from her carer

Your mom and dad are getting older and having a more challenging time managing daily tasks like remembering to take medications or cooking meals. Home care assistance is the perfect solution. Here are four ways home care assistance services can help.

Caregivers Remind Your Parents When It’s Time to Take Medications

Your parents take prescription drugs for different health conditions. Remembering when to take them or how to take them can become more complicated as you age. With caregivers there to remind them, they’ll never forget to take a dose or be uncertain if they’ve taken them and risk doubling up.

You also have home care aides available to refill your parents’ pill organizers. Once they’re packed for the week or month, the caregiver can check current supplies and order refills if needed. Your parents are less likely to run out and need an emergency refill.

They Provide Companionship

Home Care Assistance in Leesburg VA
Home Care Assistance in Leesburg VA

Rainy days keep your parents from going outside, but they’re bored inside. You’re trying to work, but they keep calling you to talk. You can’t ignore your job to tend to your parents.

Home care assistance offers companionship for your elderly parent. You can be sure they will have someone to talk to and visit with while you maintain your own responsibilities.

Your Parents Eat Well Each Day

When your parents no longer cook meals, they don’t have to go without or rely on less healthy options like takeout. With meal preparation, caregivers make meals that suit your parents’ tastes and match their dietary needs.

They help your parents plan a weekly menu. If your parents are out of certain items, their caregiver can take them shopping for groceries or pick up items for them.

Transportation to Appointments, Stores, and Other Venues

Your mom enjoys her senior discount on groceries, but she no longer drives. Those days never fall on the weekend when you’re free. Hire a caregiver for transportation services and let someone else drive her around.

Transportation services are also handy on appointment days. Caregivers can bring your mom and dad to their appointment, give you an update, and bring them back home after.

Your parents may simply want to get out of the house and enjoy a change of scenery. Their caregiver can take them to a local museum, bring them on a drive, or take them to the park for a leisurely walk about the gardens.

Have caregivers offer home care assistance services. It’s worth it when you think of the improved quality of life your parents enjoy when they have a helping hand to remain independent. Talk to a home care assistance specialist for help scheduling caregiver visits.

If you or an aging loved one is considering Home Care Leesburg, please contact the caring staff at Assisting Hands today.