Four Types of Goals Your Senior Might Have

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When your elderly family member’s goals are clear and understandable to you and to her, she’s going to be able to make the progress toward achieving them that she wants to make. Talk to your elderly family member about what her goals are and how you fit into her plans to meet them.

Avoiding Loneliness and Isolation

Loneliness can lead to other issues for older adults and that may be something she’s already aware of and that she wants to avoid. There are some other goals she might have that fit nicely alongside this one, like staying as mentally and physically active as possible. Talk to your senior about what this goal means for her and how she wants to make it happen.

Holding onto Her Ability to Be Active

“Staying active” can cover a lot of ground for your senior. She might mean that she wants to be mentally and physically as active as she can. But again, that can bring to mind different definitions. If your senior runs marathons now, does she want to keep doing that, or does she just want to continue to exercise regularly? Getting to the root of what she means is going to pay off for both of you.

Keeping or Improving Her Health

Health challenges are a big concern for aging adults. If your elderly family member already struggles with specific health issues, she may want to do everything that she can to improve them. Changing what and how she eats can help, as can becoming more active physically as long as her doctor agrees. Talk to your senior about what her plans are to protect and improve her health.

Remaining at Home Until She Can’t Any Longer

Aging in place is a huge goal and it’s one that a lot of older adults share. What does that mean for your senior? Is there a situation in which moving in with family or to an assisted living facility are options for her? Is there an interim answer that she’ll accept? For instance, bringing in a caregiver allows her to stay at home and still gives her additional assistance as she needs it. It’s important for you to know what she means with this goal so that you can help her to meet it.

Your elderly family member’s goals may change over time, too. Keep the lines of communication open so that you can adjust plans as needed.

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