Four Signs that Things Are Getting to Be Too Much for Your Senior

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Life can be going along just fine for your senior for quite a while and then suddenly you realize she’s facing a crisis. There are signs that can help you to recognize when things are getting to be too much before there’s an actual emergency for you to weather together.

Her Favorite Activities Are Falling by the Wayside

The activities that your elderly family member engages in for fun are really important. They help her to stay mentally and even physically active. They can also help her to stay socially engaged if they’re group activities. When your elderly family member no longer seems to be engaging in those activities, there may be a reason. Talk to her about what is changing.

There Seem to Be Lots of Changes in Her Home

When your senior’s environment at home changes, there are usually reasons. Take a look at what’s changing and see if you can figure out why. Things like clutter building up or differences in how often your senior seems to be cleaning can all be clues that these tasks are becoming more difficult for her. Recognizing that can help you to find a solution that works for you both.

You’re Noticing that She’s Often Tired

There can be a lot of reasons that your elderly family member is more tired than usual. Her health could be changing or she might be experiencing more or different side effects from medications that she’s taking. It’s also possible that she’s trying to do too much on her own, which can sap her energy quickly. Getting to the bottom of why she’s so tired can help you to find the right answers for her.

She Seems Weaker or More Fragile

If your elderly family member is consistently seeming to grow weaker or more fragile, that can have some significant impacts on her overall well-being. Often older adults can become more fragile if they’re not eating well or if they’ve become extremely sedentary. There could be other contributing factors, too, but unless you do a little bit of investigating you may not realize what’s going on.

When your elderly family member is starting to get overwhelmed more easily by life, it’s time to try something different. One answer is to bring in elderly care providers to help. They can make so many of these difficulties easier to manage and help you figure out what’s really going on.

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