Four Reasons to Take Respite Time

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Have you been avoiding respite time? A lot of caregivers do, mainly because it feels awkward. But respite brings with it some big benefits that can work together to help you to do more and to feel more effective as a caregiver. Here are just a few reasons why respite should be part of your regular routine.

You Need Time for You

Too many people, both caregivers and other people, forget that they need time that is just theirs. You might want to read, watch television, or even nap. What you do doesn’t matter as much as simply being able to do any of those things. If you haven’t been taking time for yourself for a while, it takes some practice getting back into the swing of remembering what that feels like. Respite can help you to do that.

Socialize Whenever Possible

Whenever it makes sense for you and your needs, consider spending time with other people during respite time. Socializing is important for you for the same reasons it’s important for your aging family member. Being able to spend time with other people alleviates loneliness and can help to prevent depression from feeling isolated. Caregiving can be a naturally isolating situation, so finding ways to balance that out is important.

You May Need a Change of Scenery

How often do you get out of your normal locations? If you’re like most caregivers, you probably don’t deviate from your normal routines very often. Because of that, you may feel stuck in a rut and a change of scenery can help. Take some time to walk in the park or to go sit near some running water. Having access to new sights, smells, and sounds can be tremendously beneficial.

Do What You Love

Are you getting a chance to do the things that you love? That might be more difficult for you to do as a caregiver and that’s not unusual at all. But respite time gives you an opportunity to build time into your day or your week for the activities that you truly do love to do. These things fill you back up and help you to keep going when things are tougher.

These can all be powerful reasons to agree to start taking respite time. That’s not something you should feel guilty about or feel weird about taking. Respite time is time for you to spend focusing on your needs while elderly care providers make sure your senior is in good hands.

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